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Heidi Wysocki has an extensive career spanning over 20 years, as a consultant for KPMG and Price Waterhouse Coopers and corporate finance for Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 companies. Her expertise in project management and training combine to create accessible professional training and planning for your organization.

She started her career in Washington, DC as a defense contractor supporting the US Navy’s Foreign Military Sales program.

From there, she moved into corporate finance roles, working primarily in the pharma industry and working closely with the global Business Continuity Management team for Pfizer.

Growing up with a teacher mom, Heidi is invested in creating a safe school environment and has used her background in business management and process improvement to enhance the business model that is now First Defense Solutions.


Throughout his career in law enforcement, Ed Pietrowski displayed an impressive record of leadership. With over 15 medals for his service and professionalism in the line of duty, Ed brings real-world experience to your team.

As an NYPD and TX officer, Ed has engaged in multiple ambush shootings and crisis situations. His insight and ability to walk your team through the machinations of an active shooting will break down misconceptions of how these events unfold, prepare you mentally for the chaos and rapidity of a dangerous situation, and teach you how to work with your innate behavior to survive and help others.

He has worked frequently with teens in crisis and has extensive experience de-escalating violent situations. His leadership in active shootings has saved multiple lives.

In August 2016, Ed received the national award, Officer of the Month, by the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund in recognition of his service in the line of duty. He is also a father of two who believes in making our community safer for families.


Crisis leadership


All leaders want their organization to survive a crisis, but few know how to thrive after the crisis has passed. In this FREE download, you will learn the key characteristics of an effective crisis leader, how to retain your staff, and how to encourage resilience as a part of the daily culture.