Industries Served



We believe that companies owe their employees two critical things: the skills to avoid or survive workplace violence, and a long-term plan to stay in business so they can remain employed. Both are often overlooked for small businesses, so that’s why we created the “outsourced security department” that they need.

Our primary focus for a small to midsize business is on training & BCM, and our clients typically have revenue up to $25M and anywhere from 5 to 1,000 employees. Our services are critical for leased facilities like co-working office spaces, retail, local small chain restaurants, small warehouses, and boutique movie theaters or smaller entertainment facilities. We also work with non-hospital private practice and medical facilities such as dentists, imaging centers, private practice doctors, and pain management clinics. We offer a discount for nonprofit organizations as well.


Our training is unique and not available on the market elsewhere. The goal of our training is to help you understand your instincts and work with them to stay safe rather than trying to make Karen from Accounting into a ninja.

Our BCM is based on the global gold standard from Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) and generally available to large companies because small companies don’t have an in-house BCM team. I know there are BCM “templates” that are available for free and they are very, very incomplete.

We will do the heavy lifting at a price you can afford. Where else can you get Big 4 consultants and access to Fortune 100 level BCM for under $20k?

We are a one-stop-shop for rethinking security. The quality of what you get and the variety of resources is unmatched from any other singular security company in DFW.